Bluetooth Bracelet

Bluetooth Bracelet

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** The Cuff is a great fashion and gorgeous bracelet, very much in style, 'funky' and "cool".  Everyone LOVES it as a BRACELET, before they know that it has the Bluetooth function and the important features it has. (Many wanted to get all 3 colors to match different outfits or moods) When they were informed about its Bluetooth functions, everyone was amazed and absolutely loved it for its convenient and practical features.

** The Cuff must be charged for 3 hours before first use, and then will have opprox.  72 hours standby time.  When charging the battery, you sometimes      have to let it  Charge for 2-3 minutes before the "charging mode" will initiate. This is usually  when the battery is completely depleted.

** The Cuff connects to your mobile phone via Bluetooth.
Make sure that the Bluetooth function of your mobile-phone is ON.
** The cuff can display the time with the push of a button.
** The Cuff has a mic and speaker, to enable the owner to speak with 'free' hands.
** You have the option of answering the call or to reject it with the push of a button.
** Please turn the Bluetooth function "OFF" if you wish to disconnect from your Bluetooth device.

 The Cuff is very convenient

** Most women carry their Mobile- Device in their purse / pocketbook, and when the phone rings, they can't always hear it, or they can't get to the phone right away.
This is where the bracelet will make life easier:  the bracelet will vibrate AND display the caller's ID phone number on the screen.   You will have the option of answering the call or call back later.

** When you are in a business meeting / graduation / at a wedding / restaurant, or at any function and important event.  The Cuff will vibrate discreetly and display the caller's ID.  You have the option to reject the call with a push of a button, and be able to call later, while your mobile- phone can be tucked away safely in your purse, or pocket.

** When you go shopping at a mall or supermarket, or any public place, and there is noise in the background, and you can't hear the phone ring, the Cuff will discreetly vibrate, and you will know who is calling. You always have the option to answer the call or call later, while your mobile-phone is still in your purse, without having to hold your mobile-phone.

** When you drive and you cannot answer the phone, you will automatically see who is calling without having to pick up the phone and see who is calling A Definite Safety feature.

The Cuff will prevent loss or 'forgetting' your mobile-phone

Sometimes you place the phone down for a minute, on your kitchen table, on a counter in the bank, on bench in the park, and forget it there.  The Cuff will vibrate as soon as you walk away and are about 30 ft away, it will show "disconnect" on the screen.  As soon as you retrieve the mobile-phone, the cuff will automatically 'reconnect'.

** You have the option to answer the call from the bracelet, to notify the caller that you will call them right back, or reject the call by push of a button.
** You can disconnect from the Cuff, by turning it "OFF".  (not just hang up)


** When charging the battery, you sometimes have to let it charge for 2-3 minutes before the "charging mode" will be visible on the screen.  This is usually when the battery is completely depleted


"You Don't Have To Be A NOBEL Prize Winner, To Wear A NOBEL® WATCH"

Gender Ladies
Series Bluetooth Collection
Water Resistancy No
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